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At TARA we bridge global connections to create more opportunities

“Success isn’t about how much money you make; it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives”
Michelle Obama

“There are so many local mentoring organisations; many great initiatives but with limited scale and impact. What if we could bring them all together and create collective & sustainable global impact for a better and more connected world?”
Farah Foustok

Speed Mentoring

Mentorship Initiative

Global male & female business leaders who are passionate about engaging with the next generation. Who are keen to make connections and identify female talent for the workplace, are invited as mentors. Female university students, eager to learn more and connect to role models, are pre-selected by universities from diverse pools of candidates. Multiple speed mentoring sessions of 20-30mins offered per year.

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Global & Regional Events

A collaborative approach to events, connecting like-minded mentoring organisations from around the world to create collective impact. Each with their unique knowledge, expertise & network to reach a diverse and inclusive group of female students and role models.



Global Community

A place where TARA mentors & mentees can connect, debate, share and develop trusted relationships. Create your personal board of advisors to guide you through your journey.

“Learning never exhausts the mind”.
Leonardo da Vinci