Connect 3

At TARA we power connections to bridge the gap between female University students and the Financial services industry.

“There are so many local mentoring organisations; many great initiatives but with limited scale and impact. What if we could bring them all together and create collective & sustainable global impact for a better and more connected world?”
Farah Foustok

Speed Mentoring

  • Female university students, eager to learn more about Financial services & connect to role models
  • Global male & female business leaders passionate about mentoring the next generation

Powered By TARA

  • A collaborative approach to events, connecting like-minded organisations across the world to create collective impact
  • Panel discussions, Workshops, Fire-side chats, Podcasts etc.



  • A platform where TARA Alumni can connect, debate, share & develop trusted relationships
  • Create your personal board of advisors to guide you through your journey

“Learning never exhausts the mind”.

Leonardo da Vinci