What Is TARA

“A decade of women asking for 30 minutes of my time and university students searching for ways to connect to business leaders around the world; planted the seeds of TARA”.
Farah Foustok

Let’s develop genuine, long-term connections and allow that influence to carry our legacy from one mentee to the next, step by step, across the virtual bridges of time to develop a new corporate culture.

Connecting organisations around the world with a common purpose of guiding the next generation of female leaders to ensure we achieve collective impact. We need to build a better future, an inclusive and diverse workplace; transforming culture in the finance world and beyond.

We power connections globally to ensure there is collective action with far greater and lasting impact. Events with Friends of TARA to share knowledge and enable access to role models, powered by TARA.

We created an eTribe of TARA Alumnis, genuine relationships to share and support each other.

Five Pillars Of TARA


Identify potential future leaders

We want mentees to be willing to connect, listen and learn. Eager to make new connections and reach out to fellow mentees and mentors through social media or directly to develop the relationship.


Multiple speed mentoring sessions

This is a shared journey but with speed mentoring we focus on solutions to questions; snippets of advice. Enabling unique access to role models through multiple speed mentoring events throughout the year.


Develop a global community

At TARA we want to facilitate the development of genuine relationships through a safe and trusted network of mentors and mentees. The eTribe. This will allow for collaboration and sharing of knowledge through our events, powered by TARA throughout the year.


Offer leadership and soft skills training

Learning never ends. Soft skills are critical to the development of future leaders, so virtual workshops will be organised during the year by partner firms.


Mentees commit to become mentors

At TARA we want to embed in each mentee the obligation to mentor, offering a gift of a connection to a future mentee. To inspire and encourage mentors to become accessible role models and spread the word of speed mentoring.

“Our aim at TARA is to merge knowledge with our collective experience to create better application to deliver meaningful outcomes”.

Nick Savastano


“I thoroughly enjoyed my TARA speed mentoring session. The ability to learn from incredibly talented leadership across diverse backgrounds is something so unique and special to TARA. I am so grateful to all the mentors who offered their time to coach and advise me in such an open, warm way. I truly feel as though I’ve gained mentors who I can build long-term relationships with and reach out to in the future. I can’t recommend TARA enough!”

Radhika Khazanchi

“There are many mentoring schemes out there. What sets TARA apart is that anything with Farah behind it, is bound to succeed. Like it’s name, be a constellation of energy and power, greater than their parts. Farah is a super connector, with humility, with empathy, with a great desire to lift others and with a vision for scale and sustainability. As such, TARA is collaborating with other networks, working vertically across various parts of the pipeline and is pioneering global virtual mentoring. It is a privilege to be a small part of it.”
Kantaria Rupal

“The TARA initiative encourages the growth of female entrepreneurs and helps them prosper in their professional endeavours. This is a fantastic step towards gender equality in the business world. “
Martin Boehm