Powering Connections

The first in a series of “Rocking Your Profile” webinars took place on the 12th October, which I was fortunate enough to attend. A great initiative that created a collaboration between TARA and Linkedin to provide an online learning experience for the delegates and Alumni of TARA.

The students were given professional guidance on how to enhance the profiles and create an economic opportunity through using the Linkedin platform. The webinar highlighted the benefits of powering connections and highlighted the key benefits of using social media to build professional and social capital through developing their own networks.

The students listened to the statistics that showed that LinkedIn referrals are likely to increase their chances of being hired by a multiple of four, using their direct online contacts.  However, fifty per cent of people are employed through their own personal connections on the platform. With 150 million members across the Linkedin platform, one could argue that the opportunities are limitless.

“If you listen very hard, the truth will come to you, at last when all are one, and one is all to be a Rock and not to Roll.” A Stairway to Heaven, maybe not. Yet, it certainly demonstrated that we are all connected.