Jessie Xi Sun Secured A Summer Internship With A TARA Mentor Organisation

Incredible news from JESSIE XI SUN, graduated from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, who was a TARA mentee in Jan & July 2020. Jessie secured a summer internship with a Tara mentor organization. The firm in question decided to create this internship opportunity during the COVID-19 virtual summer season of 2020.

Even better news for Jessie arrived in October 2020, when she was offered a full-time job at the same firm.

“We’re so excited to have connected Jessie to an incredible opportunity through TARA Speed Mentoring events. Well done Jessie, so proud of you! Keep reaching for the stars & don’t forget to mentor another female student” Farah Foustok

Jessie Xi Sun

Master of Finance, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

“Joining TARA’s speed mentoring program was an invaluable experience for me. Through multiple mentoring sessions with business leaders from a broad range of sectors, it provided an unparalleled opportunity to learn about the industry both in breadth and depth – through which I found my career aspiration and eventually had the opportunity to join one of my mentors’ team. Just like “TARA”, the star, it guided me along the journey from a student to a confident working professional.”